Frequently asked questions

често задавани въпроси

Why frequently asked questions? It’s a fact that i have too much similar questions. I hope that you’ll find your answers.
If you didn’t –ask them.

Photography is a profession with dynamic development.

As you can see the technology is develops rapidly and you can buy better than previous model, we have to change our photo system, camera or lenses or both to make your event with perfect set. As example — you can buy new smartphone with the best specifications. Few months later you’ll see new smartphone with better performance. In photography is the same. We have to get the best set for you.

So thats why

in last several years we have to change our photography sets. We have to learn new stuff. We have to change our minds.

You can check my wedding portfolio in link down below.

Wedding photography


Im working and living in Ruse, Pleven and Varna and Burgas, but i love to travel so I can make a commitment anywhere.

1st you have to check is your date free in my calendar. Go to this page and choose the easiest way to contact with me. I’ll check your date and if i am free, we can make a first date..

If I’ll be your photographer, we’ll sign a contract and you’ll book your date.

That’s my favourite question. Yes i am using few editing software. That’s a part from my job. I will edit every picture. You’ll take you’re pictures with soft retouch, colour corrections, i can use some filters, i can clear some problems and defects. Every manipulation will be made only for you. I will try to make it perfect.

You can take the pictures written on DVD, Flash or i can send them in a cloud. They will be in JPEG. Your files should be in 2 types: 1st they will be original – large for print and 2nd compressed with watermark, perfect for your internet platforms and social networks.

If you want them on a paper – its extra price.

I can tell you that photo camera doesn’t make the photographer, it’s his owner only. I am using several professional Canon body’s and a lot of (Canon) L lenses, diffusers, flashes ….

RAW files are photography files, you’ll have JPEG. Answer is no, you can’t get them.

There’s no limit. I’ll give you best of best to see your perfect day. They are average 600-1300 pics.

That’s a very hard question. If you are first in a list, so my answer will be – sooner.
I am not setting limit on your memories. So you’ll get unlimited pictures. 1 wedding around 12 hours are with 800-1300 pictures. My idea is to give you more pictures, more interesting material. I dont want to give you 3000 pictures cuz will never check them. I prefer best of the best. So my answer the question is sooner as possible.

When we sign the contract – you’ll have a average date to take all the pictures. 80% of all my engagements i am sending pictures earlier than the final date.

If your date is at January – i can send you all the info around 15-25 days later. If your wedding is in the middle of wedding season – so my files can be sent it to after 2 months.

Check our progress:

You have finished process with your pictures. They are finished around 20 days after your wedding, but we are waiting for the video and you want both services in 1 external HDD… so you’ll wait for us. I will open your online gallery with some pictures. If you are in hurry so you have to pay % for express service.

This is private or official online gallery. Private — you can give me a password, and we can have authorization for this page.

Private gallery is not visible for my clients and visitors. If you want to send your gallery to your friends, relatives … Send them the link + your password. The pictures in this gallery should be compressed.

If you want to take them on print — yes you can but is extra charge.

Forget about old school photos! Should be unique for you cuz your design should be maded only for you. And if you want we can make few books – for your best man or best couple of friends.

This material is better than old albums, the quality is impressive and very soft. The photo book is a perfect way to keep your perfect day for decades.

Every one of us was looking for old albums, our parents, from baptism, from prom, family vacation, or weddings…

They are still here 20-30 years… maybe the colors are not the same but those memories!! They are captured and still there.

This is a book with photo-collages with your pictures.
This is the best gift for yourselves.

When we are finished with our job, you’ll check your photos. Choose your favourite and give me the numbers. I’ll send you a demo design and when you like the final result, we’ll send it for print.

The whole process can be made online, or we can spend a day and when we are ready — you know … send it for print. Few days later the photo book should be waiting for you.

All the pictures have copyright. I am owner the same as you. So you can use them for non-commercial use – i mean privately. You can share them in social network, you can print them for yourselves, you can make photo albums, photo book, slideshow….

If you can use them for commercial, we have to talk about it.

I am using your pictures with non-commercial purpose – for social networks and for my website www.nikolovphoto.com.

To avoid possible abuses – a contract is signed in advance.

Media life is very important, which is why I give you information selected from the web

CD – 10-15-20 years. They are no longer obsolete and there is no way to record information on them. Most people either do not have CDs on their computers / laptops and accordingly for one event there is no way to get a 700 MB disk.

DVD – 10-12 years — They may be old-fashioned, but they are still used somewhere. They are actually a better option than CDs, as they have more memory, but it is increasingly difficult to find readers for such discs.

External HDD — in general they last a lot, but they are mechanical — a serious blow or fall not properly and the headaches begin. In reality, they are used for backup information or important and accordingly stand on the cabinets.

External SSD / m2… – this is upgraded version of HDD. They dont use mechanical. So i prefer them. But they have negative signs.

Flash — Much better option. No external power supply required. They are not mechanical, but they are cyclic and can actually withstand 10 years at room temperature, and why not more. The downside of cyclics is that each record or deletion is counted as a cycle.

Blu-ray – 5+ (the technology is still new and there are no older media), but not everyone has a Blu-ray reader.

M-Disc – 1000 years, but even if it lasts 100, I don’t believe that optical devices will still be used in 20 years.

I prefer External HDD or External SDD