About Me

My name is Stelian Nikolov


My Story:
The reason WHY

I was born and rised in Pleven. Started my career in photography back in 2011. Photography just wasnt on my radar for a career to be honest. I wasnt a natural (as they say) born photographer with this god given talent. I was, in fact, taking an unfilling road. Photography just wasnt apart from my plan….. I believe photography found ME.

My family made me a birthday present when i was 7 years old. First camera, first inspirations. 14 years later i had few cameras in behind and i really like to take shoots. My hobby – my profession. My profession – my life. Before my ‘carrier start‘ i was taking pictures with friends. I was taking pictures when we were partying. The start of my career began with a photograph… A photograph I never had…
The reason that i was so much inspired by photographs were my grandparents. My uncle was died 13 years old. My grandparents have only 3 pictures of him. I dint know him, but they give me so much information so right now i knew so much more for him. Actually when i was young boy around 10–13y … i was looking exactly the same. That’s creepy! Our pictures are like a twin brothers…. So right now im taking a shoots and i wanna give my ‘view‘.
When i was 19 i had 1st non-professional camera.. i was taking too many pictures. When i was 23 i had few cameras in my behind and i was building my career.

My signature aesthetic can be described as romantic for the feminist bride. I love deep emotional imagery and details. I specialize in photographing weddings in full format camera.

I really feel like photographing and weddings have completely changed molded my business. I capture and the unfolding story I’m going to tell with intention. It’s given me an entirely new love perspective on my photography journey.

I absolutely relish the small details. You can often see in my portfolio a portrait of someone’s luscious lips, hands, and the closeness before the kiss. I think that these types of photographs tugs at the heart.

My hobbie is my job,  my job is my life.

“Every picture telling a story!”

Last few years my hobbie as a carrier.

I am software engineer. Im living in Ruse, Pleven and Verna. Thanks to many people i become to be a good person. Thanks to believing in me, right now i can proffer so many services. I prefer my final product to be the best product, no mater how i can do it.

I always strive for perfection.

My personal attitude is one of my best characteristics. If you are searching for photographer who can take a shoot without change the original story, so here i am. You found it. If you choose my services, you will have perfect time stopped moments.

My Philosophy

When I work my goal is to capture the authenticity and spontaneity of the moment in the most beautiful setting possible. As far as I am concerned this sums up what I try to do as a Wedding Photographer: to put together in a single photo objective beauty, and a more intimate and subjective beauty, the awareness that behind the smile in that photo there is a story.


Plamen Simeonov

It happens to everybody in life to be lucky enough to meet someone who can create ‘diamond products’. We are giving our hearts for our costumers. We were met for each other in 1 project called Disco Designer. I was worked as photographer, he was a new videographer. Sooner we knew that we’ll work together. We are good friends and colleagues. We are helping each other in life or when we’re working. Our style is 80% reportage and 20% directed by us. We are best wedding guest cuz we are really good in our job, and we know how to fun.I consider myself I am lucky for having the chance to add to the great friendship with Plamen Simeonov a colleagues’ relationship like Wedding photographer/videographer